First day back in the field

Our crew toured the site that will be our second home for the next month, a beautiful sun-soaked, beach -front strip of forested heaven near Sechelt, BC.

Gary leading the site tour

After laying out our units and splitting up into teams, we broke out the fleet of iPads and embarked on a summer without paper. Luckily our crew, many from high school in Sechelt, knew more about iPads then we did.

As the rich dark humus was pulled back the entire crew couldn’t help but think about the treasures soil from the past would bring. As the dirt was scraped from the surface and began filling the buckets you could often here the phrases ‘giver’ and ‘dude’ being tossed around from unit to unit.

The first artifact of the season came from Devin and Bryn. A simple obsidian flake, but still a good sign that we will find lots of artifacts this summer.

The iPads are working well, knock on wood, and we have already noted a few small tweaks we will do to the forms this weekend. I will post our updated forms for download next week.

Well it seems like we have a great crew and everyone is pretty excited to be in the field. It looks to be a great season ahead. Stay tuned.

the 2013 Crew


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