Sorry for the delay. We have many new finds to report. We also toured several other nearby archaeological sites with Kenzie Jessome, shíshálh archaeologist and tems swiya, the shíshálh Nation museum. But first some pics of what we are finding and shots of us looking good.

Here is a great unilaterally-barbed bone point. This is the base section of a fishing implement, likely used for salmon.
A nice abrasive stone. This specimen has wear consistent with making bone points just like the one above and below.
Here is a tip of a bone point of a bone awl.
One of my favourite technologies. A composite-toggling harpoon valve. This ingenious tool was used to hunt sea mammals and even large fish. Made up of two valves like this and an arming point made of stone or bone, the harpoon was thrust into an animal from the end of a large spear. Once inside, the harpoon detached and turned sideways, ensuring that the harpoon could not fit back out the hole it entered. The seal, porpoise, salmon (or even whale in other areas), was firmly attached to the retrieving line and was very unlikely to escape. The illustration is from Loy and Powell.

A quartz crystal microblade. These are the most dominant artifact type we have found this summer. This one is one of the prettiest.

Dayton and Natasha becoming buxom buddies in their unit.

Joseph, Aaron and Devin, seemingly unaware they are having their photograph taken.

A beach walk during our visit of nearby archaeological sites.

Gary talking about archaeology.

The iPads working well.

Steve focused on finding herring bone from the screen.

Kim working hard.

Erin wondering if this is something or not, it was!


Joseph finding a decorated brow band. He seems quite pleased with himself. Good find Joe!


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  1. I hope the image of the large inanimate block of stone captioned “Gary talking about archaeology” is not some editorial comment 😉 !!

    Your blog is great!!

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