Touring the Skookumchucks on our day off

By Emilia,

On July 12 our team visited the Skookumchuck Narrows Provincial Park, which was created in 1957*. The name Skookumchuck is a Chinook phrase meaning fast moving, turbulent water. The park is known for its scenic paths, breathtaking foliage, remnants of old growth forest, and refreshing air. What a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Photo: E. Barc The journey begins.

Photo: E. Barc
The journey begins.

Our 40 minute trek along the inviting, easily accessible path was invigorating, exhilarating, and filled us with awe for the natural beauty surrounding us. Moss covered tree trunks and branches appeared otherworldly, while the entire path was enveloped by majestic forest and enchanting flora. The air seemed infused by scents of the forest floor, trees, and freshly fallen rain.

Photo: E. Baci The moss covered woods.

Photo: E. Barc
The moss covered woods.

Coalescing with the perfume in the air was the smell of turbulent water as furious white rapids intertwined before our eyes when we reached the shore. Watching kayakers skilled in their craft joyously battle the currents, we were amazed at the human ability to engage with and celebrate the sheer force of the water. We sat and watched as the kayakers played with and navigated the angry currents, while gazing at the mountains and clouds suspended between the treetops.

Photo: E. Barc Kayaking the rapids.

Photo: E. Barc
Kayaking the rapids.

After a quick snack we headed back along the same path, which somehow seemed transformed – it grew more beautiful with every step. The hollowed out trunks of old growth trees provided ample photo opportunities and great ambush spots to jump out and frighten the rest of the team! Rain began to fall gently, forming circular patters on the water, which dispersed only to make room for new ones. As the rainfall intensified, we made our way to a quaint little café, drank tea, and marvelled at the astounding allure of the British Columbian wilderness. Once the rain passed we walked to the car, filled with fresh memories of our recent adventure.

Photo: E. Baci The hike back.

Photo: E. Baci
The hike back.

*Date 1957 and name etymology taken from BC parks website.


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