The shíshálh Archaeological Research Project (SARP) is a collaborative initiative between the Canadian Museum of Civilization, the University of Toronto, and the shíshálh Nation. Since 2008, we have conducted survey and excavation focusing on a number of research questions on the Shíshálh past. This year we will run a community-based project and training program at several sites near the town of Sechelt.

Project Goals:
1. To strengthen collaborations between the shíshálh First Nation, the University of Toronto and the Canadian Museum of History.
2. To further knowledge about the long-term use of shíshálh lands and resources by the investigation and documentation of archaeological sites and material culture.
3. To provide skills training to shíshálh members and University of Toronto students in the principles of archaeology and heritage stewardship.
4. To increase awareness and respect of shíshálh history within the community and more broadly, in regional and academic discourse.
5. To facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences between the shíshálh Nation, the University of Toronto and the Canadian Museum of History, and,
6. To introduce shíshálh youth to potential careers in the social sciences.

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